• Confident Self
  • Caring about others and caring about self
  • Open
  • Nimble Fast and Agile
  • F  Free Free to dream, the unreasonable dreams Free to speak her mind Free to express herself
  • I  Inspiring
  • D  Determined Having a purpose  Showing firmness
  • E Engaged
  • Now
  • T Trusting Trusting the Divine

Featured Post

 The end of the program meets me with  mix feelings: joy and satisfaction for participants finding new freedom and fulfillment in life, growing in unshakable confidence; and sadness because our meetings are coming to the end. It is just so great to get together with group of great people working on improving their life, expanding and having […]

pen and ink picture

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I believed my depression was a curse. The curse had consumed my life. I saw nothing without it being there. Not unlike a black cloud that hangs over a person, depression was like a bag I lived in, saw life through and experienced the world within. My reality […]


   I used to believe that my self-confidence solely came from my accomplishments. However, I viewed myself as having as many failures as accomplishments so my self-confidence never got very far off the ground. Then I was told that my self-confidence can arise by simply believing in myself. Although some people greatly benefit in this […]

Friends and so much more

Do we really need close relationships? I would guess that this is a question that many of us have asked ourselves once or twice in our lifetime…especially those of us that are introverted. I grew up moving around a lot. By the time I was 12 years old I realized that keeping up friendships from […]

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I see value in trusting myself and others. It helps me accomplish more. But it is easier to talk about it than to live it. Last weekend on a pleasant sunny Sunday I travelled down to Peachtree City for kayak roll practice.  If you read my earlier blog, you know I was advised by my kayaking mentor, Lisa, […]